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We help brands to manage, and optimize their online and offline presence so that they can create awareness, promote, market, and generate sales for their business

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Irrespective of sector, the basic principles of marketing apply to any brand. That’s why we don’t specialize in one industry. Instead we work with businesses across a broad range of sectors including retail, leisure, development, oil and gas, energy, beauty, sport, construction, healthcare, education and more.

We manage, and optimize your online and offline presence

We are a full spectrum creative service agency

We offer creative marketing services focused on human centered story telling.

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Marketing Strategy

As the world continues to evolve daily, social media influence on businesses is at an all- time high. Social media allows you to tell your story, find customers and place your brand at the core of their minds .

At W Agency, Our digital experts manage social media accounts and strategies for brands of all sizes. This includes campaign management, post distribution and automation for regular brand content.



Marketing Strategy

From effective Google Ad campaigns to PPC social media marketing, digital has never been so important and maximising its potential is essential to successful modern-day marketing strategies.



Content Marketing

Content is king and like any king, your content needs the royal treatment. Do you have a strategy for how to communicate your messages through planned SEO and content marketing?W Agency is adequately equipped to cater for your content marketing needs.

By partnering with us, you have access to a team that can assess your brand’s position within the marketplace.

We’re here to help you tell your brand story.

Our expertise stretches to services such as marketing strategy, social media management, digital marketing, graphics, content marketing, branding, animation and motion graphics, video/content production and more.

Our Favorite Services

Social Media Management

Our digital experts manage social media accounts for brands of all sizes. 

Corporate Branding

Every business needs to make the perfect first impression, therefore it is necessary to employ the services of a corporate branding expert on design and branding needs. 

Website Design

Your online shop window needs to attract the kind of attention your brand needs.

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Case study For Sahara Foundation



Sahara foundation, has been on the forefront of building sustainable impact and excellence in health, education, environment and sustainable community development through partnerships with communities, civil society and government.


We decided to go the route of the “Integrated content strategy” to create a mid-form documentary that showcased the genuine story of the brand for the last 25 years.

social media

Brand: Sahara Foundation

Industry: Energy / NGO

Achievement Highlights:

Following before: 2780

Following After: 3700 +


Revamped the aesthetic and feed of the brand. (New theme, highlight covers and bio).


An improved engagement strategy and overall improvements with content reactions and engagement across all social channels.

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